One Shot Drain Cleaner 1 Litre


How To Use One Shot Drain Cleaner:

1. You MUST use protective gloves and glasses before opening the bottle.
2. Using a cup, remove as much water as possible from the drain, sink or toilet to be treated.
3. Very slowly pour One Shot Drain Cleaner directly into the drain.
4. Sink drains: Use about 125ml initially.
5. Allow to stand for 5 minutes.
6. Add 150ml cold water and allow to stand for 5 minutes then flush.
7. Repeat if necessary.
8. Toilet and floor drain: Use about 250 ml and follow directions as above.
9. As a preventative measure: Add 100ml of One Shot per month in each drain. For best results use early in the morning.

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One Shot Drain Cleaner – Instantly unblocks drains in just one shot! One Shot is the original and best drain cleaner available in the UK. One Shot has been sold throughout the UK for over 33 years. Tried, tested and trusted, the One Shot brand of drain cleaner has been used by generations of people to save money and keep their drains flowing.

When poured into a clogged or blocked drain, One Shot instant drain cleaner goes to work instantly. dissolving grease, rags, soap, and paper towels. One Shot should be used as a preventative maintenance product on a regular monthly basis and you will not need expensive professional plumbing services.



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